Council of Management – Roles and Responsibilities 2024

This is an informal guide and things change – so it is not set in stone. It is up to Directors to decide who does which jobs. They are not elected to a particular position – just to be one of the seven Directors.  Often a Director will take on more than one of the responsibilities listed below.


Directors decide among themselves who will be Chair – and the role could move round the CoM by agreement.  The Chair generally runs the meetings of the CoM and tends to be the ‘go to’ person for the estate.  Needs to have a good overview of all the work of the CoM. With the Secretary – deals with the Company Solicitor. Often approached by Members if there is a problem. Signs the minutes of meetings.  Ensures business is run in accordance with the Articles of Association.

Note - he Company Secretary is neither a Member nor Director but undertakes the following tasks for the company on a professional basis:
Coordination of Council meetings, including production of agendas and compilation of reports.
Responding to emails, forward to relevant personnel. Sharing information with the Directors.
Maintaining secure cloud-based company archives including reports, minutes and correspondence.
Liaising with our Solicitors with regard to sales and lettings and obtaining legal advice when required.
Coordinate responses to requests for alterations and building works, and communicating Planning Group responses to residents.
Issuing Membership Certificates to new owners. (These are signed by two directors)
Arranging the AGM in conjunction with the other members of Council of Management.
Keep the list of members and contact details up to date.


Responsible for collecting the annual levy and keeping sound records of income and expenditure.  Directors may suggest necessary spending in a year and the Treasurer will draw up a budget and report back regularly to the CoM and AGM on expenditure etc.  Operates the company bank account. (Need two registered signatories on cheques over £600.) Organises auditing of accounts annually. Pays any necessary tax on the Company. Makes a tax return each year whether tax is owed or not.  (Tax usually not payable) 

Other jobs – some Directors may take on one or more of these responsibilities


The objective of the Infrastructure/Environment work is to: -

“Ensure that all the elements of the estate’s infrastructure and it’s environment are maintained to a standard that ensures the protection of the estate’s properties, the wellbeing and safety of its inhabitants, and to ensure the retail value of the Members’ investment is enhanced”

The scope of the Infrastructure/Environment work is: -

Drains, boundaries, liaising with the Council on road surfacing, pavements etc. Ensuring that any building work does not damage estate infrastructure or have a potential detrimental impact on any other estate properties. Plan and justify expenditure for any works required. Ongoing monitoring and reporting of the condition of properties and grounds. Plan and manage all tasks undertaken to maintain and improve the facilities across the estate. Subcommittees can be set up to deal with issues and bid for annual budget

Dinghy Park

The Objective of the Management of the Dinghy Park: -

‘The Dinghy Park is for the use of any Maisemore Gardens Member or their Tenant, who wishes to park a dinghy, and to be able to launch and recover it with ease, in a secure, safe, and pleasant environment’

The Scope of the Management of the Dinghy Park: -

·         Responsible for managing a secure and usable lock system for both the dinghy park and shore path gates

·         Ensure that the dinghy park bye laws are maintained and applied.

·         Plan and justify forecast expenditures.

·         Plan and manage all tasks undertaken to maintain and improve the facilities within the park.

·         Bid for annual budget


Responsible for ensuring that the CoM agreed Newsletter is distributed.  Ensures that e-mail list is as up to date as possible.  Distributes welcome letter when appropriate.  Must be aware of the data protection rules. Liaises with webmaster to keep website current. Delivers paper copies of CoM newsletter to non-email Members


Liaise with and instruct the gardener what needs doing. Organise payment of gardener. Bid for annual budget for the work required. Have a rolling plan of work for the gardens which is available on the website.  Ensure that gardens waste is removed regularly. This role is sometimes difficult because some gardens work may be contentious and Members around the estate can be vociferous and unreasonable in their approach.

Companies House

A Director needs to update company records with Companies House online each year. Currently done by Treasurer


The website is run by a volunteer webmaster on the estate but updates from the CoM are sent to him by a director. Currently e-mails to members can be sent via the webmaster once they are approved by the CoM.  (Must be blind copied).


The Directors have a private website  where minutes, company meetings, accounts, legal information etc can be found

Anyone elected Director is strongly advised to read The Articles of Association

which lay down how the CoM operates.

The CoM aims to work to the Chatham House Rule at meetings. At every AGM normally two Directors resign to comply with rules (nos. 38 to 41)

NB Company Secretary

Currently there is not a Company Secretary as such.  There could be a person who takes on this role who need not be an elected Director. They would be responsible for advising the CoM on legal and governance matters. They would have no voting rights on the CoM. The person would have to be familiar with content of Articles of Association, Lease, Licence and Bylaws. Could issue Membership Certificates and liaise with solicitor.  Would need to attend CoM meetings.  Judy Reay (died 2015) used to have this role.

Friends of Maisemore Gardens

This is a separate and completely informal set up.  Volunteers from the estate raise money to help run social events for Maisemore – mainly the annual summer lunch on the Green – Good Neighbours Day.  They also run coffee mornings and carols.   Currently Helen Pettitt at 37 is the contact for Friends. 

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