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The estate was developed in the early nineteen sixties and was an innovative development with a central green, its own private dinghy park and slipway onto the Harbour.  The design of the houses has an architectural relationship the Span houses developed by Geoffrey Townsend and Eric Lyons.  Like them, the modernist design of Maisemore houses is combined with attention the way that the properties relate to each other and to the gardens. Ours have flat roofs with lantern windows providing height and light upstairs as well as open-plan interiors. They incorporate more traditional features such as hung tiles and stock brick work.

The Span ethos was to build "homes within a garden", and we also boast integrated landscaped communal gardens.

Span, and Townsend in particular, promoted the concept of a legally constituted Residents' Association, membership of which was a condition of sale, and which included covenants that placed mutual obligations on the residents to maintain the properties and grounds.  In the same way, on purchasing the lease to a property in Maisemore Gardens the lease holder automatically becomes a member of MGL which manages the estate.  Members elect the Council of Management from amongst themselves at each AGM and they become directors of MGL for their period of office.

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