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The map shows the natural river and coastal floodplains in England and Wales. A floodplain is the natural 'overspill' area when a river rises above its banks or when high tides or stormy seas cause flooding of low-lying coastal areas. River floodplains are coloured blue. Coastal floodplains are coloured green. Some areas are at risk of flooding from rivers and the sea. In this case the colour of the flooding with the greatest extent will be shown.

They use the best information available based on computer models, survey data and historical records and will be updated as new information becomes available.

For flooding from rivers the maps indicate the extent of flooding for a one in one hundred (or a one per cent) chance of flooding each year

For flooding from the sea and tidal estuaries, the maps show a one in two hundred (or 0.5 per cent) chance of flooding each year

It is important to remember that the risk of a flood occurring is there at all times - this year, next year and future years

Being in a floodplain doesn't mean your home or business will definitely be flooded - many other factors come into the equation. The maps are a guide and should prompt people who live near a river or the sea to be aware and find out more."

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